Data Visualisation Officer

A Data Visualisation Officer is required to introduce data visualisation products to other areas responsible for data management as well as coach staff in data visualisation skills, particularly using PowerBI.

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Agile Project Officer (multiple)

Agile Delivery Project Support Officers are require to work under the direction of the project manager to coordinate planning tasks and agile delivery ceremonies across a large number of IT teams developing software under a SAFe agile framework.

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Test Lead

A Test Lead is required to take responsibility for planning testing approaches as well as executing the test plan as part of the integrated end-to-end testing approach and process.

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Engagement Manager

An Engagement Manager is required to work within a team and undertake engagement and consultation activities to support the program of work.

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Administration Support Officers

Administrative Support Officers (x3) are required to provide administrative support and are an integral part of this program providing high-level coordination, administrative and engagement support.

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Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is required to explore large datasets, performing complex data analysis and drawing conclusions and insights to drive business improvements and opportunities for the implementation of a new program or work.

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User Experience Designers (multiple)

Multiple User Experience Designers are required for driving a human-centric and holistic approach to service delivery, with a focus on aligning user, business, and technology needs to deliver effective digital services.

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