System Analyst (Solution Design Manager)

Multiple System Analysts are required to plan and implement ICT solutions to support the overall business goals and objectives of the functional area by engaging and liaising with the business areas and customers to articulate process improvements and problem resolutions.

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Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is required to develop a 2 year roadmap to translate existing program knowledge and experience into sustainable program governance.

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Delivery Lead

A Delivery lead is required to provide high-level coordination and management, and oversight responsibility for development and other associated deliverables related to legislation and policy development.

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Production Support Officer

A Production Support Officer is required to support all aspects of software life cycle, including the implementing, maintenance and enhancement of a number of production level business systems.

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Program Manager

A Program Manager is required to lead, manage and deliver programs, and report on program performance to ensure ongoing program effectiveness.

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Project Manager

A Project Manager is required to develop plans and schedules, manage the project’s budget, oversee and plan resource allocation.

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